The Mercury Network is an independent and private iniciative. The Mercury Network does not have an "owner", it is driven by it's members. It also isn't a classical "institution", it only exists in "cyberspace", with members all over the world. Let's say, "it just exists".

To exist, nevertheless, even in "cyberspace", some resources are necessary. The most important is time, to get the work done. In this sense, every member, who contributes actively in the Network, must be considered at the same time a sponsor, because he/she invests time in the Network. But there are also some sponsors that merit special mention, as they facilitate our networking. It's a honor for me to mention these sponsors in continuation.

Felix Hruschka
Your Hg-net Administrator

  I recently started working with Projekt-Consult in the "Proyecto GAMA" in Peru, funded by the Swiss Development Agency (SDC). This work - directly relationed with the mitigation of negative effects of mercury emissions from artisanal miners - gives me the opportunity to do some of the networking as part of my occupation. I'd like to express my gratitude to SDC and PC for sponsoring the Mercury Network, by permitting to spend a small part of my worktime for the administration of the Hg-net.

Any opinion expressed and any information published in the Mercury Network WebPages reflect the personal opinion (or the institutional opinion, if explicitly expressed) of the participant, and does not necessarily coincide with the institutional point of view of the sponsors.

P.S: For discussing specific sponsorship options or strategic alliances, please contact the Hg-net administrator