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FACOME: Amazonian Forum on Mercury Contamination of Ecosystems
FACOME's objectives are, to encourage collaboration and to stimulate communication between researchers and stakeholders interested in biogeochemical, socio-economic,ecosystemic and human health issues related to mercury contamination in the Amazon. The Facome Network and the Mercury Network have a lot in common! [English and Portugese] 


Delta Tributaries Mercury Council Website
This website is designed to further the efforts of biologists, ecologists, toxicologists and geologists currently working to understand and remediate mercury pollution in Northern California. 

ILO: Social and labour issues in small-scale mines
Report prepared by the International Labour Office as a basis for discussions at the Tripartite Meeting on Social and Labour Issues in Small-Scale Mines. The report focuses on some of the major issues in small-scale mining that were highlighted in the responses to the questionnaire and on topics that are important in resolving them. 

SERVIGEMAB Trabajo en redes 
Ecuadorian consultants dedicated to mining, environment and sustainable development  

Web Portal covering different aspects of Mining; with daily news and thousands of links 

Internet Directories

Featured listings of mining and environment related websites, maintaining permanent links to Hg-net

Netscape: Science : Environment : Mining 

Google: Science : Environment : Mining 

Surfer Portal: Science : Environment : Mining Science : Environment : Mining 

1001 Searches: Science : Environment : Mining  

Oingo: "Mining and the Environment Science : Environment : Mining 

Open Directory Project: Science : Environment : Mining